Achieving Sustainable Development Goals without the Internet is impossible

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to come across an article based on a high-level political forum on sustainable development that is the key point of discussion of the 2030 agenda and the sustainable development goals. It was also the opportunity to know more about the paths towards sustainable recovery from the pandemic of COVID 19. We cannot survive without the internet in this endeavor.

Can you imagine life at the time of a pandemic without the internet? According to the researchers, we could face more challenges both in working to avoid the spread of coronaries and collaboration for the development of vaccines. It helped people throughout the globe who had access to the internet to continue their education and many options to do work from home. The lessons we learned from the first year of the pandemic cannot be ignored, almost half of the world’s population lacks Internet access.

This intensifying digital divide is due to several reasons that range from the lack of affordable services to the lack of infrastructure, or the important digital skills to get the benefit of the opportunities the internet offers for you. Therefore, the internet is an essential enabler for sustainable developments; it provides the platform in which the digital economy can survive by unlocking human capabilities. With the advancement of digital and internet technologies, it becomes necessary to connect with people who are still legit behind.

Growing the Internet

If we look at it from the perspective of internet society, then the internet is for everyone. In our efforts to boost the internet, we echo the people-centered approach. We realize that shaped communities throughout the world are determining the innovative ways to empower themselves and to be online. Important infrastructure like internet exchange and local network points are being established locally to facilitate local needs.

The recent partnership to establish a community network in rural Zimbabwe between the local internet service provider and community members and government agentive couple connect over eighty schools in the same region, expanding the access to resources and education to a global level. It was able to connect doctors and other health care professionals globally to their counterparts, enabling the regional hospital to be one of the best in the country. All these things witness the power of the internet when partners work together. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals needs partnerships and collaboration, the internet is the basic enabler.

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