American Based Startup For AI Powered Cars Marketplace

Let’s come across one more success story of ITSOL24x7 and how we facilitated our client for powered cars marketplace with the best services as per their demand. This is the story of one of our American clients who is working in the energy sector. They wanted us to develop the most reliable powered cars marketplace m like powered cars marketplace in the globe. We were supposed to establish a powered cars marketplace that is suitable for both C2B & B2B.

We took our time to work on his requirement and conduct better research to find out the best ways to create the powered cars marketplace. Our development team then developed a sample of such websites and presented them to our client. They chose the best-powered cars marketplace among them and suggested some changes to make to that platform.

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Our client wanted us to develop a powered cars marketplace on an urgent basis as they want to launch ASAP in the market. So we did accordingly, we provided the best of our services in that short period. As we believe in the long-run relationship with our clients, we kept providing our services even after the launch of the platform and made updates to the platform as per customer behavior.

If you are looking for a service provider to serve you with the best app development services like powered cars marketplace then you should not look further as ITSOL24x7 is here to facilitate you with the best. We have served various clients for establishing a robust cloud-based IT platform that has transformed the business’s journey towards success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to recruit developers to make an app like a powered cars marketplace?

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Developers generally charge on an hourly basis, juniors in the US charge anywhere between $50 and $85 per hour, $50 is to hire a junior developer, and $85 for middles and seniors. Per hour cost can be multiplied to have an ultimate cost.

What is a mobile app development service?

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Mobile app development services allow creating apps for android and iOS devices.

How many hours does it take to develop an app-like powered cars marketplace?

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The actual development involves project setup, the front end, back end, server-side development, additional API integrations, and averages around 350 – 500 hours. Let’s look at the various factors involved that go into estimating the effort involved



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