5 Great AI-Based Apps That Can Make Smartphones Better

Smartphone owners are able to carry up to 128 GB of memory and 40 MP camera in their pockets which was considered impossible a few decades ago. After the incorporation of WhatsApp and Skype, many people have forgotten to use text messages or other messaging apps that were used before. It is hard for some marketing experts to think of a life without a smartphone. The use of Artificial Intelligence has made it easier to upgrade the smartphone and the app store. From reducing human intervention to making human lives simpler, AI has made the human lives quite simpler. Here are six amazing AI apps that are making smartphones better for us.

1. Socratic

Socratic is a perfect app for small kids who find it extremely difficult to finish their homework every day. The app is free on iTunes which is regarded as the Tutor app to solve complex problems for children. After taking a picture of the homework, the Socratic app can evaluate the questions and give you a detailed answer. The owners used AI technology to create this app that scrutinizes the questions and then display an accurate answer. By using data and Artificial Intelligence, the app analyzes the questions just from the pictures you upload and help you solve complicated questions.

2. Allo

Google has built an incredible messaging app a few years ago by using AI methods. Some people might find Allo an average messaging app but it has several features. The sign-up process, friendly group chats, animated stickers, or doodle-based images have made Allo quite impressive for the users. Google Assistant is used while talking to your friend or you can enable it by using @Google. This helps the users to search anything online ranging from finding nearby restaurants or places and have other great features such as image recognition.

3. The Roll

A startup company in Germany has created The Roll which is an advanced camera roll app helping users find the best available angle. Image recognition technology can help users create a similar group of pictures based on the published pictures you have previously liked. The pictures will be tagged automatically and put on a display based on the categories. You can search and share many different pictures without any trouble. The Roll app is currently available on iTunes but will be soon launched on the Google store.

4. Microsoft Pix

Without making any kind of effort, Microsoft Pix can help the users capture exceptional photos on their smartphones. You just have to hold the phone at the right position and it can automatically shoot better pictures for you. From using facial recognition to detect faces to an ultra-smart setting that check the lights automatically, Microsoft Pix is perfect for people who like taking pictures. This can enhance the experience of capturing magnificent images on your phone and boost the image quality.

5. Easily Do

If you want to stay organized throughout the day, Easily Do app can help you better manage the monthly calendar, the to-do lists, and all the contacts. Consider this app as your digital assistant that can directly connect to all your online accounts like Exchange or Gmail, LinkedIn, or Facebook. All the email data for the past week can be easily stored and transferred into a card. Some of the most amazing features of this app include checking heavy traffic when you are leaving the house, reminding you about emails, or merging the duplicate contacts.

Here are the five most amazing apps based on AI methods that are setting the bar high when it comes to creating and designing apps.

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