Crack your workplace problem in a moment

This is the story of one of the known software companies in Canada, everything was going well. John, who is the project manager in the firm, realized that there is something wrong with the atmosphere of the team. When he got closer so got to know that the entire team is doing well except two employees, who had a bad attitude with others. John inherited these employees when he was promoted to the position of project manager.

Indeed, we find some people with bad attitudes in every firm but to a bearable extent. In this case, these employees are always negative, did not perform their responsibilities every day, and were arrogant in different ways. It was becoming difficult to work with them, john discussed with them to try, inspire and encourage them if there is any aspect demotivating them. They have started behaving in a better way after this discussion but after a short period, they fell back into their usual ways.

The only reason due to which john was bearing all such toxic things was that these employees are very skilled in their field. It was difficult to find others with the same skillet, but with time it was being got worst. When the incident of loud disagreement occurred that happened on the main floor in front of clients, john immediately went to them and talked in a warning tone. He sent them a warning letter after that state that in case of the continuity of this behavior, they would be terminated. At this time, John was not quite caring as he was at the first time, because he already tried his best to resolve this issue. After some time, both employees were terminated by the company.

What did you understand with this entire story? The bad behavior and irresponsible behavior of these employees were impacting the entire development team and their work accountabilities. The company was bearing loss in terms of money, time, resources, etc, but if john opted to outsource these services there would no mishap occur in the team. This is the best way to save the resources, cost, and stay away from such toxic aspects.

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