Earth Day: Why it is Celebrated, Importance and significance

Earth day is the most popular day around the globe, and it is celebrated on April 22nd. Earth day is celebrated to create awareness about climate change and global warming. Earth day is not just celebrated to spread awareness about climate change, but it is celebrated to divert people to take responsibility for fortifying the environment.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 for the very first time in the US, and it left a mark as a memorable day. As an output, conversation about the environment of the earth became famous.  Within a few decades, many environmental policies were passed that includes:

.The Clean Air Act

.The Water Quality Improvement Act

.The Toxic Substances Control Act


Why is Earth Day Important?

Earth Day holds a special place because it inculcates us about environmental issues that are hazardous for our planet. Earth day helps us immensely in understanding that how crucial is the health of the planet.


How can we contribute to celebrate Earth Day?

People from all corners of the world can jump on the bandwagon and can participate in celebrating earth day online. On April 22nd, there will be an online Earth day event, and it will start at 12 pm ET.

It will include workshops, seminars, panel discussions, etc.


It will be a decision of wise to take participation in the noble cause of saving this planet. So, let’s take a vow to protect mother earth by doing our parts as every small step matters.

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