Exploring The 9 Apps Like Omegle That You Should Checkout In 2022

There are plenty of perks to living in this digital age, and meeting new people online is one of them. This is why ‘Omegle’ is highly becoming famous. This app allows you to meet random strangers smoothly which is why and do not need any personal registration or information.

Yeah, it seems fine to worry about the feature of complete anonymity as we are not aware of the person we are chatting with. Thankfully, it is not the only app in the world as there are various alternatives for apps like Omegle has reached the market. Such apps help you to connect with the appropriate people sharing the same interests as yours. If you do not know about Omegle yet, then here is a brief intro for you to this astonishing app.

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We have years of experience, with that out of the way, let’s discuss via the apps like Omegle following in this article.

Concerned about making an App like Omegle?

Prime Notes On Omegle

Since the inception of apps like Omegle back on March 25th – 2009, it has become one of the huge chatting websites and in the advanced globe, a stranger meeting app that enables you to get connected with new people without demanding any type of security, log in or registration details to say the minimum.

The noticeable reason for the popularity of this astonishing app is that it has provided a network to the audience worldwide that they can influence to join with random strangers via audio, video and text.

You are required to simply hop on to their website, choose your interest and get initiated on meeting diverse people on arsenal cultures, languages, religions and much more.

Are you still in search of an easier way to connect with strangers? Well, Omegle is here for you.

Therefore, unfortunately, their app is only accessible from the Google play store and you can get it from here.

With the description out of the route, let’s begin right after we have discovered some of the main features of the Omegle app:

The key features of Omegle are listed below:

  • Assemble accidental strangers
  • Spy Mode
  • `Speedy User-Experience
  • Online Text, Audio, and Video Chat Feature
  • No registration needed

1.  Yalla – Finest Omegle Substitute For Meeting Strangers

Yalla is an amazing app like Omegle that enables you to link with random strangers through audio, video chats and text. It features a different range of group chat rooms to merge for users.

This app has a visually attractive user interface that would certainly get you to the fastener in no time. Additionally, you also consider the filter alternative and meet people with sharing your play games, interests and enjoy

Features include

  • Private Conversations
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Chat Games

Rating: 4.0 

Pricing: Free, In-app purchases

Get it on iOS and Android

2.  Azar – Top App Like Omegle For Live Video Chat

Azar is a different app from Omegle therefore; it creates a difference when it comes to providing user experience and performance.  To use this app you need to be 18 or over to use this app. It links you with hundreds of users online searching for a good time, either through audio, text or video chats. The application has the feature of a search filter option so it would be easier for you to link with the appropriate person. Not only that, if you want to interact with someone who is not your native language speaker, but the app also provides a smooth auto-translation feature enabling you to talk to anyone freely from any area of the globe.

Main Features

  • Auto-translation
  • expose new people
  • insert people into your friend list.
  • eye-catching filters and backgrounds

Rating: 4.4

App pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

3.  Chatous – An Astonishing App Like Omegle To Chat With Casual People

Chatous is the casual chat that is much famous among the audience on the young side. The features of this app are much similar to Azar and Omegle.

You can connect with strangers through video or text and also use search filters and hashtag features to connect with the appropriate person. In addition, the app also enables you to share expiring videos, photos and audio while chatting sessions.

Main Features

  • Online text and video chat
  • Hashtags to find the correct person
  • Share expiring audio, photos, and videos.

Rating: 3.8

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

4.  HOLLA – A Substitute For Omegle App With Additional Features

HOLLA is the difference between an app like Omegle that allows you to link with strange people through audio, text and video chats. What makes this stand out from the crowd are its voice mode features that enable you to relate with people who are the same language speaker. It also features several backgrounds and filter themes, and user verification to make sure the safety of every person. You can also determine people that share your interests and passion and have an entertaining time hanging out.

Main Features

  • Online video calls
  • complimentary text, voice, and video chat
  • join with the right person

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

accessible exclusively on Android

5.  Topface – Just Like Omegle App But Superior In Terms Of Performance

Topface is a famous Russian dating app and website like Omegle. Plenty of its users are only combined and dated. It provides the platform for new persons to flirt, and create voice, text and video chat. Topface is ideally secure and even has a choice to cover your actual identity.

Main Features

  • 100+ million users globally
  • Online video and voice chat
  • solely for dating
  • makes certain anonymity

Rating: 4.5

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on IOS and Android

6.  Root – Similar To Omegle App With Adequate Privacy Controls

The root is an additional amazing app and one of the astonishing Omegle substitutes to get connected and date people. The app enables you to chat in a broader range of chat rooms easily without exposing your identity in case you do not want to reveal. The added features of Root include role-playing games, magnificent themes and a search filter that enables you to meet the appropriate person.

major Features

  • Play fun games
  • secured privacy
  • insert attractive themes

Rating: 2.5

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on IOS and Android

7.  AHA – Good Choice To Omegle App To Meet Strange People

AHA is a video chatting platform like Omegle. This app assists you to relate with new people across the world. The app provides a protected platform for people to get connected with strangers, have fun and make video calls. To make an account, you need to offer your social media account. Its new features include visually interesting background stickers, themes, effects and much more.

Main Features

  • restricted video chatting platform
  • exciting effects and filters
  • Supports numerous languages

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

8.  Fav Talk – Just Like Omegle App To Connect With New People

It is a restricted text chat app that links you with people around the world. It’s much simpler to use the app, all you need to do is make an account and insert your interest. You are ready to communicate with anyone around the globe. Moreover, with an app like Omegle, with Fav Talk, you would only get together with people having the same interests. Additionally, the application is protected and secure due to all the user accounts being confirmed upon registration.

Main Features

  • simple user-interface
  • security controls
  • discover people with common interests.

Rating: 3.5

Pricing: Free and in-app purchases

Available on iOS and Android

9.  Pikii – Good Omegle Substitute To Connect With Famous People

Pikii is a creative app like Omegle deployed specifically for iPhone, and considering the fact that it takes a lot to get your app confirmed on the Apple store, the app is modified, feature-packed and performance-based. The app allows you to link with followers, friends, and well-renowned personas worldwide. You can get connected with strangers, and enhance your followers and they will get the notification at the time when you go live.

Main Features

  • joins people with alike interests
  • comprehensible interface
  • Live-streaming
  • Follow your preferred celebrities

Rating: Unavailable

Pricing: Free

Available exceptionally on iOS


Getting linked with usual strangers while being anonymous and sustaining privacy is the standout. Feature of many social applications. Even though Omegle is the hub of launching the concept of connecting new people around the globe, therefore, many of the apps followed on this list have additional robust concepts by either innovating the idea or leading it to perfection by including various other choices.

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