How TK Consulting & Design Dealt With Cultural Problems

This is the story of one of the most known software companies, TK consulting & design. They shared the culture oriented problem in the workplace. I got to know about this story from my friend who has been working there for so long and witnessed how they dealt with it. Different cultural problems may arise in professionalism but racism is on the top of the list.
There was a black woman, Harry, who used to work in TK consultancy as a manager in the marketing department; she faced several challenges due to cultural differences in her entire life successfully. But this time she got into a huge hurdle that compelled her to think about leaving her job. The problem was created by his junior assistant manager in the marketing department who was white American. He always used to taunt his manager due to her black skin tone, and it was making her morale down consistently. That was affecting her job performance.
The work environment became toxic for Harry and she started looking for another job just because of this cultural problem. The assistant manager was very close with the higher management because the people at higher positions belonged to the white race; Harry thought that if she would go to the higher management, they would not favor her. So she unexpectedly resigned and bought the HR department to think about why Harry resigned suddenly so they called her for a discussion before approving her resignation letter.
Harry was very clear to share her concern with them, she told them that since how long she is facing such challenges at the workplace openly and no one took any step in her favor. It was an alarming situation for HR as other black people are working in the company, who can leave after the arousal of Harry’s concern. Well they did the necessary steps to minimize such cultural differences but there was no betterment, then they came to know about us, ITSOL24x7. When they contacted the customer representative, we took their problem seriously and presented amazing ideas to solve these problems.
Apparently, it was looking like a cultural difference but there were more different problems existing like the skill set of assistant manager was not deserving of the position as he wanted to overtake Harry’s position and he was unable to beat her with the skillet so he took the other way. Well if you are facing any kind of problem in your organization then do contact us, as we are here to facilitate you in all the areas of your business success especially on the development side.

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