International Tea Day

International day of tea is observed on May 21 globally for creating awareness for the safe working conditions of tea workers, and for appreciating its importance in our lives. Tea is an aromatic drink that is the second most popular drink in the world. And after water, it’s the most consumed drink on the surface of this planet. Tea is as important as air is for some people as they cannot survive without consuming it. Tea works wonders in breaking the monotony of life. Tea is not just essential for celebrations, but it’s equally important for gathering sorrow, and no wonder if you will consume it more then it will adversely affect your metabolism.

On the other hand, growing tea is not something as easy as a piece of cake.

Tea has a stimulating effect and it works wonders in stimulating because it contains caffeine. Tea is a healthy beverage and contains 11 mg of caffeine

Here are 11 great variations of tea:

1. Kashmiri Kahwa

2. Ginger Tea

3. Tulsi Tea

4. Sulaimani Tea

5. Ronga Saah

6. Masala Tea

7. Lemongrass Tea

8. Cardamom Tea

9. Lembu Chai

10. Green Tea

11. Gur Gur Chai/Butter

It is a rule of thumb that happiness is the synonym of tea.

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