Prominent examples of a mobile app using Python 

Python is among the top on the list when it comes to the popular programming languages for backend development. The general-purpose, interpreted and high-level dynamic programming language has some steps as compared to Java and C. The element of python creates it a hot favorite in most developers. Python is the popular and fastest-growing language currently. In 2018, python was observed as the biggest gainer in the TioBE index of the fame of programming languages. It is rising by the rate of approx 8.2% for this month.

In this blog, you will come across a noticeable example of python. So without any further delay, let’s have a glance at the top mobile apps that are developed with the usage of advanced features of python and why they chose this programming language for their app development process:

It is one of the most famous image-sharing sites that facilitate users to bookmark several images, collect and share these pictures with their friends and other users. This application is based on Django (a Python framework) to instantly deal with a bunch of content. This web application has used Python since day one.

It is among the top choice social media platforms for all of us these days. It has changed the world of digital photography, more widespread, accessible, and instant. Instagram has set new boundaries for the lines of creativity and explained new rules for social media marketing. It facilitates users to also edit pictures and share them online. With more than 400 million active users regularly, this app negates any notion that custom mobile apps established based on python are not scalable.

You must have heard about Spotify before as it is the world’s largest streaming service with annual revenue of greater than €5 billion. It creates it a market leader and one of the famous python mobile applications among users and businesses. Spotify selected python because of the advanced data analytics and development speed that the language offers. It allows the company to handle various advanced functions like Radio and Discover, which are completely based on the personal musical preferences of mobile phone users.

In the end, I would say that the list of amazing websites based on python development language is never-ending as per this current moment. There are other examples like Disqus, Dropbox, Uber, Reddit, and so on. Shortly, we will see the use of python to make mobile applications increase at the fastest pace. If you want to know more about this programming language then give a visit to our amazing arsenal of blogs.

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