Tired Of The Employee Productivity Measurement Problem? Let’s Resolve It Together!

First of all, we need to make sure that we have a clear understanding of the concept of productivity. It is the measure of production against efficiency. We hear this term daily in professional conversations around seminars, surveys, and meetings. We all indeed want to be more productive to have maximum results. The major challenge employees’ face these days is to measure productivity. There are different criteria people believe to assess the productivity level of the staff.

Some people believe that success is hidden behind retaining the best mindset in an organization. Whatever you think, it’s good to see companies are looking for smarter ways to motivate employees and make modifications in working patterns to enhance productivity. That is the reason that several businesses are managing productivity concerns via adopting flexible working options that include flexi-time and remote working and self-managed teams. Let’s learn how to behave smartly:

If you are thinking about why it matters then let’s look at these statistics. According to opus energy, 86% of SMEs believe that productivity is one of the main problems that impacts the economy. Other research found that 75% of SMEs are happy with their productivity because they measure regularly, the rest are not even bothering to measure the productivity at all.

It is significant to have accurate productivity measurements to have maximum efficiency. The employees need to focus on both quality and quantity, only quaintly cannot define the appropriate standard of productivity. Such as, the factory worker may make 100 products each day, but the quality is not up to the standard so both time and material would go wasted.  So no matter if you are a web development company, SEO agency, or something else, you need to follow effective ways to measure productivity? Let’s discuss some of the ways:

Develop a baseline; you need to have some baseline metrics to measure. Find out the expected work output for each worker and apply these metrics.

Explain and measure tasks, it is the key function to define the tasks, before the tasks over the hours. Like how many customers are treated, how many invoices are sent, and other things.

Define clear goals; make sure that your employers have a clear understanding regarding the business target and goals to evaluate progress.

Carry out the client survey, customers are the prime factor of the business, so make sure to have the performance survey to get feedback from the clients.

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