Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development In 2022

Want to learn which framework is appropriate for your business? You are at the correct place as you will find rich information in this article regarding a variety of JavaScript frameworks; React Native, query Mobile, Ionic, NativeScript, Apache Cordova, and Titanium are all JavaScript Frameworks that are beneficial for app development.

According to the 2018 Developer Survey, 69.8% of developers use JavaScript frameworks globally which is far more frequently than any other language. It remains one of the most popular programming languages due to its reliability. JavaScript framework is more user-friendly to mobile app development as it can be used on multiple platforms including windows, android, and IOS.

Some of the best JavaScript frameworks in 2022 are listed below:

  1. Query Mobile
  2. React Native
  3. Nativescript
  4. Apache Cordova
  5. Ionic
  6. Titanium

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Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these

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1.    JQuery Apps Load Rapidly

One of the biggest golden points of establishing an app using jQuery Mobile is the loading speed of the application. For the lightweight JavaScript framework, it is best suited on the jQuery library and has a burly focus on compatibility so it can be used for multiple applications that involve windows, android, blackberry, and IOS.

JQuery removes the requirement for device-particular languages, thus developers can use better standards like JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. It also moderates cross-browser problems and facilitates several display sizes and screen resolutions.

One can use jQuery to make custom themes with the usage of the ThemeRoller web app. It provides a variety of tools that allows editing themes straightforward such as page layouts, header templates, drag, and drop color picker.

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2.    React Native Incorporate With Other Programs

Being an open-source JavaScript framework, React Native is used to creating cross-platform native apps.  If used with the combination of JavaScript, React Native applications are impossible to differentiate from apps created in different other languages like Swift, Java, and Objective-C.

It has the edge compared to other frameworks because of its reusable components and declarative programming style for user interfaces. One can use it with the combination of native code written in other programming languages, making it a more flexible and a better choice for inserting new features into existing applications.

Because of the introduction of the latest feature called Hooks, the fame of this framework was raised among the JavaScript development services. This feature allows developers to enable React’s features without writing a class, which makes it a more intuitive approach.

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3.    Nativescript Enables The Reuse Of Codes

It Allows Code to Be Reused to build multi-platform native apps from a single code source. One needs to use a “write once, use everywhere” approach and allow code to be reused among different platforms that help the development process quicker. Due to its free and open-source, there are no affiliate costs of working with this JavaScript framework.

It provides developers with hundreds of plug-in access through cocoa pods for Gradle for android and IOS. This framework has its amazing plug-in and the NativeScript community has developed 300 new ones.

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4.    Apache Cordova (Phonegap) Is Ideal For Projects

If you want to have the best framework with small budgets then Apache Cordova is best for you. It provides amazing access to an extensive library and a robust backend that makes app development straightforward and rapid. It is a famous framework among JavaScript developers and can be used without any additional skills.

If someone has experience in using JavaScript, he will find PhoneGap straightforward and intuitive. Phonegap is also considered best for projects having small budgets because it allows applications to be created from a single code base. It helps rapid testing and deployment and allowing device hardware like geolocation is straightforward.

Different tools can be utilized to boost the performance of this JavaScript framework like mobiscroll and visual studio. There is also a huge online community dedicated to making a plug-in for the framework to extend the phone gap’s capabilities.

PhoneGap is usually used for creating event apps (19.25%), followed by business (19.15%) and medical apps (17.24%), according to the data of AppBrain. Several industries can use PhoneGap to have numerous benefits.

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5.    Ionic Can Establish On Cross-Platforms

Ionic is very easy to learn, developers who are already familiar with the process of app developments will easily understand the structure of this framework. It’s a hybrid app that allows developers to make apps for cross platforms, decreasing entire development costs and the application’s time to promote.

Developers get the access to Cordova plug-in with ionic that boosts the performance of the framework and allows developers to enhance its use.

Developers find it very easy for application testing, there are four major options, allowing developers to select the approach that finds the best. Testing can be brought to the desktop using the WebKit browser, in android or IOS simulator.

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6.    Titanium Is Perfect For Prototypes

Titanium is one of the oldest JavaScript frameworks used for hybrid mobile applications, established by Appcelerator, a mobile technology company. It allows easy access to functionalities that allow developers to create high-performance applications.

There are different benefits of titanium; one of its advantages is that it enables rapid prototyping as part of its incorporated atmosphere. It helps developers to make working applications rapidly to validate ideas and design approaches.

The framework also enables developers to reuse code about 60% to 90% at the time of supporting different platforms; it provides additional capabilities in terms of hundreds of modules.

Till 2019, it has become the choice of developers for 75,000 mobile apps on 280 million devices with Titanium.

Choose The Best Javascript Framework For Your Business


To conclude,

  • jQuery Mobile is the best usage to create an effective application to load rapidly.
  • The flexible nature of react-native makes it the top priority for incorporating with other programming languages and inserting new features into current applications.
  • NativeScript is known for its “write once, use everywhere” approach that enables code to be reused by developers.
  • PhoneGap allows developers to create apps from a single code base and it’s best for the project with a small budget.
  • Ionic is considered best for hybrid app codebase so apps can be created for different platforms, which decreases development time and costs to market.
  • Titanium’s incorporated atmosphere creates it an ideal framework for making prototypes.

Six JavaScript frameworks have been discussed in this article that is well suited for the business depending on their projects and needs.

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