WordPress Development Workflow: What Are The Essentials of the WordPress Development Lifecycle?

It’s no secret that WordPress is the most popular content management system across the globe. With its increasing popularity, there are various tools and services out there you can use to simplify your WordPress development workflow and improve the delivery time of your project. Hence, in this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the essentials, as well as a few methods that you can use to effectively develop websites.

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Basic Essentials of WordPress Development Lifecycle?

  1. Version Control

If you want to prefer that what keeps you to maintain the entire lifecycle, you should put all the projects under Git version control and use that for the deployment code changes within the  WordPress development workflow, the options to adopt GitHub as the central repository for better team-collaboration features such as pull requests, issue management collaboratively to code commits, etc.

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  1. Configuration Management

You should adopt all of the “all in code” approaches as many projects are considered as practical. Most of the leading experts explained that CMS should have configuration management tools available to do this in practical instances. Like, Drupal 7 had features, WordPress has WP-CFM, and further Drupal 8 has configuration management as an essential feature within the entire WordPress development workflow.

  1. Local Development

With the use of Docker-based local development solutions such as Lando etc. Seemingly, the local development environment must always all the operating systems (Mac/Linux/Windows) and be able to adapt to all the application frameworks you create for projects with Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, NodeJS and many more. But to be simple enough that any new developer can get the working process without a couple of minutes. The overall integration with professional hosting service providers seems to be a great resource.

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  1. Professional Hosting Service Provider

The foremost aspect is to find a service provider whose platform has the following features:

  • On-Demand Environments

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of WordPress development workflow, stage, live environments with the possible parameters across the global segment? Can you spin up with a new environment to test a specific new feature?

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  • Contemporary Continuous Integration (CI) Features:

Are you looking for smooth execution of the overall operations to build and test our application during the WordPress Development Workflow before it is deployed to a real-time environment? You’ll have to care about this as you adopt more automated testing and further topics later.

  • Push-Button Updates:

If you want to get updates for your CMS quickly and easily deployed? This statement speaks all about the deployment and maintenance aspects of CMS.

  • Automatically Backups / Restores Files

Whether the system automatically takes backups and helps you to restore to a specific one instantly without contacting the support team?

  • Highly Dynamic & Scalable Metrics

Whether the system uses the latest container architecture and reverses proxies to handle large amounts of traffic easily across the global market segment?

We might often a cost-based objection: “Our hosting cost rates over $5 per month, why would we switch to something over 5 or 10 times as expensive?” If you’re worried about the cost metrics by considering and calculating the true cost of your current hosting parameters. If it can save you a little as half an hour per month, a true professional hosting service will help you to save your precious money. Try starting with large-scale projects that usually require these features and moving to the small-scale projects.

Is Your Team Heading Towards The Right Direction?

Upgrading your entire workflow development metrics can have a great impact on your huge productivity gains. If your project stakeholders are always heading down your neck, these tools and techniques will give you massive ways to make them satisfy by working smarter, not harder. Get in touch with us! If you’re interested in getting a kickstart from our seasoned experts!

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