WordPress Website Development Process – Step by Step Guide

It’s a matter of fact that WordPress is the most recommended CMS for bloggers, developers, and SEO Specialists. As WordPress is a full-fledged CMS, developers use WordPress to build stunning websites for their brand or target audiences. According to the recent reports, it has been identified that over 35% of users are using WordPress as of March 2020. Furthermore, it has been reported that several bloggers in the US will reach approximately 31.7 million by the Q2 of 2020.  

If you’ve decided to set up a WordPress site for your startup business, but you assume that it will be a complex or time-consuming task, don’t worry about these concerned facts. Seemingly, developers tend to follow the WordPress website development process but a layperson isn’t intimated to follow this process for Building a WordPress site which is quite easy and flexible. Moreover, People can develop a WordPress Site from scratch and complete it with a mere 30 minutes, seems astonishing right? Yes, you can build a complete website without having technical skills or specialized training process. Hence, WordPress is a perfect website builder for beginners to attain hands-on-practice to develop websites from scratch to the deployment phase. Hence, in this blog post, we’ve discussed the WordPress website development process in 5 steps for building a flawless website using WordPress.

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  1. Get Started and Choose a Domain Name

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Get Started and Choose a Domain Name

Before getting ahead into the WordPress site development process, choosing a precise domain name is considered as an essential part of any website development strategy, the important part is to figure out how your target audience will find you and identify your brand prospects.

Seemingly, the entire WordPress website development process features a domain name that speaks all about what people search into their browser to get redirected to your website. However, it’s enticing to choose an amazing name, pick a domain that represents your brand identity and makes it easier for people to find your website.

After you have chosen a domain, you need to purchase your name and select a hosting package that suits the business needs of your website development agency. As you are developing a website on the WordPress platform, selecting a hosting provider that offers hosting in particular for WordPress site seems to be identical for potential users and consumers. Hence, by following the WordPress website development process you can choose a domain name and hosting service from the service provider. For Instance, the Blue host offers both – a domain name and hosting service, it is recommended for WordPress.

  1. Select a Package & Set Up Your Hosting Account

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Select a Package & Set Up Your Hosting Account

Bluehost provides a wide variety of hosting packages from our standard WordPress plans to fully-manageable WordPress hosting plans, helping you throughout the WordPress website development process. If you have set up your domain name, you will require creating an account for your hosting plan.

  • Provide your personal information into each field and then navigate through your package lists.
  • Select an option that meets your budget and service packages. Albeit, pricing packages vary across hosting providers, but most offer multiple add-ons, like extra security features, tools to boost search engine rankings, and site backups.
  • Check the suitable boxes and navigate through the website to enter your billing information. Take a moment to read the terms and conditions of the services offered, cancellation policy, and privacy notices, and then click the box to confirm your agreement with these policies.
  • Track the on-screen directives to create a strong password to implement security measures.


  1. Choose WordPress Theme & Templates

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Choose WordPress Theme & Templates

If you have selected Bluehost as your web hosting service, then WordPress will be installed automatically. You have to just click, ‘Login’ and choose your preferred theme. If you are not sure which theme you want to implement in your WordPress site, you don’t have to worry! You can change the WordPress theme later. If you aren’t interested in generic themes, you can upgrade to the premium themes.

With the power of the WordPress Website development process, another screen will pop up and will ask if you are building your website for personal or business prospects. This will assist you with precise recommendations to help you to ensure your WordPress theme customization process is being carried out in a precise way.

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  1. Hands-on Practice with WordPress Dashboard

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Hands-on Practice with WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard is a backend of your site from where you can visualize your WordPress website development process with a mere focus on website content, customize your WordPress themes, install plugins and personalize your site. WP dashboard is a backend service area that provides you accessibility to handle what your website visitors will see when they hit on your site pages.

Seemingly, WordPress Dashboard provides usability and user-friendly elements constituted in the form of home, updates, posts, pages, comments, appearance, plugins, user, tool, settings and collapse menu.

  1. Customize Visualizes, Themes and Site Pages

Customize Visualizes Themes And Site Pages 1024x768
Customize Visualizes, Themes and Site Pages

You must start testing your site with your preferences of colors, font sizes, and special elements that will assist you to visualize your company’s culture or personal delegation. You can easily scroll down your site and write your first post, but it’s important to understand the features, functionalities and overall WordPress website development process of your site.

You’ll find navigation links on the left-hand sidebar of your site that provides you accessibility to customize your site. The result-driven approach is to understand the concept of clicks on each tab and likely explore the selected options.

  • Search for themes: Both Paid and Free Themes are Available!
  • Customize Your Themes with headers, social media captions, buttons, and colors.
  • Upload Photos to influence your visitors and incorporate stuff about your values and services.
  • Create Your First Blog Post and Homepage Content.
  • Don’t forget to add a contact form.

Lastly, Setting up Google Analytics to collect data acquired from the incoming traffic and visitors searching your site, this allows you to link Google Search Console to ensure that your site is error-free.

The above five steps will help you to build a WordPress site for your startup business in no less than 30 minutes. Get started now! and Set up your domain name and service package today!

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