World Tuberculosis Day : All you need to know about this deadliest disease

World tuberculosis day is celebrated on 24th march to spread awareness about tuberculosis. Tuberculosis was a life-threatening disease, and now it’s a remediable disease, and it affects the lungs.  This infection spreads in the air when someone suffering from it coughs and sneezes.  his infection is extremely hazardous because it spreads like wildfire.

According to the World Health Organization, tuberculosis is a life-threatening disease, miserably affects the lungs. Daily, tuberculosis takes the lives of nearly 4000 people and it infects 28000 people.

World Health Organization has taken some measures and their efforts didn’t end up in smoke and saved 63 million.


Every year tuberculosis is celebrated on different themes and this year the theme is “The Clock is ticking”. This year emphasize was the time is ending, and we need some immediate actions to resolve it.

Common Symptoms

There are common symptoms of fatigue, loss of appetite, constant cough, fever, etc.  One should be very cautious because these symptoms increase rapidly. It is a rule of thumb that, if you will ignore the symptoms then it will increase your infection swiftly.  Immediately consulting any doctor will be a decision of wise because as you know this can be a life-threatening disease too.

The worst thing about tuberculosis is that sometimes symptoms are not visible and you may suffer from it if it affected you once.  Patients suffering from tuberculosis should be very cautious about their diet too, and they should take some precautions to get rid of tuberculosis as it can affect them again.

A few decades before, doctors were trying to prevent tuberculosis but now emphasize is to get rid of this life-threatening disease from the root.

Ideas of preventing tuberculosis will work wonders if we all will participate in spreading awareness about this disease.

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