10 Things Every Modern Web Developer Must Know

It’s an amazing time to be a web developer- if you want to be successful in a short period.

Web development is a vast field with amazing potential to learn. It can be devastating to decide what to learn in return for your precious time. But some vital skills can be counted for you. In this blog, you will come across those ten skills to enhance your website building and modernize your workflow that things web developer knows. Being a web developer in this current era is highly competitive in itself, but if you know the tactics to keep your work up to the mark then you can boost your career in this workflow.

Let’s come across those 10 things:

1.    Development Tools

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The other mentioned skills in this blog these things web developer know will help you to learn to code, but nothing will stop you from departing in your way like a bug. Having a clear understanding of the development tools provided by browsers can accelerate debugging and decrease frustration.

Firefox and chrome both enable popular development tools. Web development tools enable you to view what styles are implemented to each aspect, enable you to investigate JavaScript and offer more information regarding errors.

2.    APIs

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If you are in search of a great way to make a website then you should be able to use your current data and services. Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide you with external party data and functionality. If you are new to this, begin with Google. One of the important things web developers know.

Google provides various APIs that include YouTube, analytics, translation, and maps. It is also much admired so there are various tutorials for their dissimilar APIS. Several major social media and marketplace platforms will also have APIs; this will help you to have access to both the user information and applications feature.

3.    SEO

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Developing a website is no longer meaningful if no one can investigate it. With the increase in the number of websites, it has become more significant to enhance the visibility and readability of your website to web crawlers, and you can do this by using SEO (search engine optimization). One of the important things web developers know.

4.    Version Control

Several website development projects need a team of developers. Getting involved in work with others brings loads of coordination challenges. Gratefully, version control tools can manage these issues.

All version control tools can keep a record of modifications made to a repository of code. This enables you to track updates and even roll back to past versions. One of the important things web developers know. Get is one of the main popular version control systems so make sure to version control, try Get.

5.    Project Management

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One of the most forgotten important skills for web development is project management. It is not sufficient to know how to code, you need to have clear guidance regarding transforming the idea into a product. One of the important things web developers know.  Does your project need an agile or a waterfall workflow?

If it is a giant project, how will you distribute the work among the entire team? Will users know the interface? Being a developer, your role may not referee to answer all these problems but it is significant to have insight into the impact of project management decisions on your workflow and development process.

6.    Html

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You must be familiar with this term if you are the developer; it is the abbreviation of Hypertext markup language. HTML is considered the backbone of every website. Many tools will enable you to make websites without writing HTML, but in most cases, it helps your web development to the level. You can get more control over the content through coding. One of the important things web developers know. Having a clear understanding of HTML will help you to diagnose problems instantly. You can also insert other information like SEO information directly in your HTML to facilitate web crawlers to enhance your visibility and read your page.

7.    Css

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CSS is taking over the world with more growth these days. It stands for cascading style sheets, developers used it mainly to explain the layout and color of a website, but now it can manage interactive design and animations. One of its top features is its responsive design for websites.

These days, users expect websites to smoothly modernize from computer to tablet to mobile. Responsive design makes sure that the display is optimized for every platform. You can take your layout to an amazing level with the CSS concept. With the help of flexbox which is the layout mode, you can make the flexible responsive layouts easier.

8.    JavaScript

As mentioned above, HTML is the backbone of the website, but JavaScript is the brain. We do not have websites with electronic versions of newsprint. Users expect interactivity these days, and interaction is fundamental for various designs these days. One of the important things web developers know.  To insert this interactivity, you are required to have a solid basis in JavaScript.

Do not underestimate the power of this language; it is considered one of the most powerful around the globe with the introduction of every new JavaScript library developed. Another advantage of JavaScript is its lightweight, as you do not need to have much storage and spend extra time to have it.

9.    Minimum One JavaScript Library

Undoubtedly, vanilla JavaScript is powerful but coding the modern and amazing JavaScript features in wholesome JavaScript is time-consuming. There are various great JavaScript libraries accessible that will help you to decrease your coding time. One of the important things web developers know.  Many developers indeed have love-hate relationship with jQuery. You may not consider it the sexiest one these days but it still has a powerful workhorse. Get involved yourself to learn about jQuery if you are in the process of developing something with lots of document object model manipulation, Ajax, and event handling.

A famous JavaScript library that is significant for checking out is React. It is excellent for developing interactive websites that rely on real-time data. Facebook used to handle their flawless newsfeeds but you can find it pretty much everywhere these days.

10.          A Server-Side Language and Databases

Well, you do not need to learn backend languages to be a web developer, but if yo9u invest your time to learn a server-side language that will allow you to be a much more flexible web developer. Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is more than twenty years old but still a vital server to see language with. If PHP is strong enough to be the go-to for WordPress then it can fabulously manage anything you bring its way.

Undoubtedly, data is everything nowadays. To store and avail that data, you are required to know databases. There are various databases, but one amazing one to get involved with is MySQL. One of the important things web developers know.  It is an open-source database and can allow you to use relational databases. All relational databases utilize a language based on structured query language, so the proficiency you establish using MySQL will be transformed to other relational databases.


The developer community provides striking support when enhancing your skills. You can line in person or online. Stack Overflow and Reddit both host amazing developer communities. There might be loads of things to know but you are not alone and there are lots of tutorials available out there to learn from. Leering with and from other developers is an amazing way to speed up your skills.

Every person needs time to learn skills and improve them with time. But if you want to become a good web developer then you required having consistent development and learning. One of the important things web developers know.  Even after you have mastered skills in your area, there is always room to add to your arsenal of expertise. Being a developer, you come across challenges in your way, and it allows you to grow more.

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