6 Innovative Examples of AI You Are Using

From technology companies to business owners, the infusion of AI-based techniques is growing over time and will continue to do so in the future. Artificial Intelligence has a large impact on the human lives helping them live a better life every day. There are several applications of AI-powered techniques used by emerging startups and other tech-savvy industries to become leaders in the tough market. An efficient AI system can learn on its own and make appropriate decisions. Artificial Intelligence can enhance the operations and make smarter decisions based on the conditions. AI-based machines are getting better and improving skills abruptly in the tech industry. Here are six amazing examples of Artificial Intelligence that humans are using every day and might not know about it.

1. Alexa

Alexa has become increasingly popular among homeowners who want to enhance the way of living. It is a cloud-based voice service offering people a new and effective to easily interact with technology. People use Alexa to set daily alarms, check the latest weather updates, stream their favorite podcasts, and other related tasks. It can perform many different tasks such as opening the curtains, turning off the lights, or play your favorite music.

2. Cogito

To enhance customer support and engagement, Cogito is regarded as one of the best AI-powered applications for behavioral adaption. Cogito is specifically built for small and large enterprises to boost customer engagement and the overall performance of the employees. By incorporating Cogito, the companies can check and record the customer calls for scoring. Cogito has a better interface to carefully monitor all the phone calls and alert the customer representative agents to take notice if anything goes wrong.

3. Siri

A pleasant voice that interacts with the users on their iPhone is Siri, a virtual voice assistant. By using Siri, you can use voice searches to find anything online, play favorite songs, or read text messages. Whether you wish to know the directions, set daily reminders, control the electrical appliances, or view the calendar, using Siri can be perfect. Siri can help the users accomplish multiple tasks at once and streamline the processes. It uses the latest machine learning techniques to improve human interaction and make everyday tasks simpler. Performing searches through Siri will keep the data safe and will not sell any sensitive information to the advertisers.

4. Tesla

When it comes to autonomous cars, Tesla is one of the best cars made for humans. Tesla has previously received many awards due to its modern capabilities, innovative technological features, and self-driving attributes. Tesla has also used Artificial Intelligence to make self-driving possible as well as boost safety for the passengers. The car manufacturers have ensured AI-based techniques made the driving experience better.

5. Amazon.com

Artificial Intelligence on Amazon has been for a while now allowing the users to make money. Amazon owners are able to easily predict the desire of their customers by using AI-based tactics and making it better after every year. The future plans of Amazon owners are to deliver the products to customers before they know they need them.

6. Netflix

If you are using Netflix for a few weeks now, then it will automatically suggest TV shows and movies based on your interests. After evaluating millions of movies and TV shows, Netflix will create a list and recommend different movies to you. From tailoring movie recommendations to streaming high-definition movies, there are many ways Artificial Intelligence is used.  

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