Monthly SEO Reports Template and Guide – Essentials


  1. Identifying Traffic Channels in your Monthly SEO Report
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization & Goal Achievement
  3. Measuring Page-Level Traffic
  4. Using Page Speed Insights
  5. Inducement of Time On Site & Bounce Rate

When we talk about creating monthly SEO reports for in-house projects and outsourced clients, it can be a daunting task to keep a balance with relevant information to incorporate with what they essentially want to see. Most importantly, you should demonstrate to your clients that what you’re currently working on to get remarkable results that positively impact their business.

Every potential client or business has multiple goals. In most cases, your reports must be classified as both elementary and tough depending on who is receiving the reports. However, daily, weekly and  SEO reports are considered as a vital resource to improve your online business concerns to maintain consistency in the dimensions of your business. You must need to influence your targeted clients, upper management, and relevant stakeholders to know how your SEO campaigns are performing well in the online marketplace.

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Here are 5 essentials you need to incorporate to make daily, weekly and monthly SEO reports for your targeted clients.

Monthly Seo Report Infograph

  1. Identifying Traffic Channels in your Monthly SEO Report

Monthly Seo Report Top Channels

If you are looking to increase organic traffic to your client’s website is their key aspects, then implementing traffic at the beginning of your monthly SEO report will produce improved results.

You must also include the source section of the traffic report. It will provide specific techniques about where the incoming traffic is landing on your website, helps you to conclude where you actively spend your time and money.

Although other metrics can also be important, it actively depends on which company you are working on to produce successful results.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization & Goal Achievement

Monthly Seo Report Cro

The overall incoming traffic in the world is great, but it won’t get you too far if that website traffic isn’t doing what you want to convert in a meaningful form. Your clients will likely be the most captivating source in this metric, as the conversion rate sustains at the beginning of your monthly SEO reports that are intended to generate a high amount of leads.

Once you have gained information about the conversion rate, it will help you to better and comprehensively explain the rest of the report as to know why it is essential. The foremost way to optimize your conversion rate to a client is by tracking your goals. For Instance, if any client setup donation goals that are easily tracked by someone landed on the “Contact Us” Page. This alerted Google Analytics that someone already donated to successfully generate daily, weekly, and monthly SEO reports to complete the goal.

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  1. Measuring Page-Level Traffic

Monthly Seo Report Page Level Traffic

It is important to know where your visitors are coming from the initial point, but it’s essential to know what you are aiming to proceed ahead.

If someone grabs from a Google organic search, that seems great, but if you know they already landed on your most frequently used blog post that seems even better. This report will help you to figure out the latest trends and see what people are clicking on that it brings an enormous amount of traffic to generate daily, weekly, and monthly SEO reports.

Moreover, it helps potential clients to know whether they need to spend an enormous amount of time to improve their product page or they will perhaps need to publish more videos and less amount of content. The conclusions are endless.

  1. Using Page Speed Insights

Monthly Seo Report Page Speed

Today, it’s time to leave Google Analytics for a remarkable tool for Google known as Page Speed Insights. This free tool will not only show your potential clients the page speed but also what needs to be completed to instantly fix them.

Although these performance metrics may not have been exceedingly important in the past then SEO success today requires greater usability and user experiences. One image or video can drastically slow down a site. In certain cases, this wonderful tool may reveal significant technical issues that may be harmful to their SEO performance metrics.

    1. Inducement of Time On Site & Bounce Rate

Monthly Seo Report Bounce Rate

To demonstrate the time on site and bounce rate helps you to give better insights into whether the content you’re writing is useful to generate daily, weekly, and monthly SEO reports for enticement of an online presence.

You must pay attention to the site you are monitoring for bounce rate and time on site though. For Instance, if you witness that users hit your landing page after 10 seconds, but that specific landing page has many do-follow links, then you’ll probably need to worry about time on site and bounce rates for that specific page.

Furthermore, you must also focus on your web pages with rich content or videos. This is what you’re putting out to grasp the viewer’s attention? If you don’t need to intimate, and it’s supposed to use the various metrics in this list to correspond to the conclusions.

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