3 Tips & Tricks To Figure Out Your Shopify Competitors

Seemingly, E-commerce is all about having the right tools for trading purposes, whether that is about smart automation or digital analytics. Apart from the competitors’ research tools that are at people’s disposal across the Internet, everyone uses similar tools to analyze your competitors.

If you’re doing a similar thing as everyone else, it doesn’t promote your business grow or increases your success rate you have no choice to distinguish your company from the competition.

Hence, in this blog post, we have highlighted some of the well-known tools and strategies that will help you spy on your Shopify competitors. Some of the wells are known that are not the same tactics everyone else uses that:

  1. Builtwith

Have you ever wondered what your competitors are using to benefit their personalized Shopify sites to prevailing design and functionality? Using BuiltWith you can find out various aspects to identify Shopify competitors.

The foremost thing you have to do is to enter the URL of your Shopify competitor into the search bar. Let’s take an example using Shopify store MXM Services:



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What does it mean? You can see all the web monitoring tools your competitor has installed on their site. Using BuiltWith, you can see internal details such as:

  • What analytics and tracking tools they use to monitor the behavior of their site visitors.
  • The general widgets they’re mostly using to make their site look and performs in a certain way, so you can copy them.
  • How they’re pushing up their website to the next level, and which CDN they usually use.
  • How they’re taking care of the shopping experience on mobile devices.
  • What are the payment gateways are being used, which are quite helpful if you want to globalize and requires ideas?
  • The tools you are going to use to monetize your site.
  • Find out their email hosting provider.
  • Whether their site is secure and what types of SSL certificates they are using.
  • Identify server technology they’re using.

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Hence, BuiltWith tries to index all their registered domains on the Internet, to find information on your competition shouldn’t be hard to do.

So, what is the best part? Look up their technology your Shopify competitors use is free when you use BuiltWith.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a well-defined suite of online tools designed to help you to boost your site’s traffic, research about Shopify competitors, conduct E-commerce backlink research, and monitors your niche-specific trends.

Particularly, this modern tool can be helpful you figure out exactly how your Shopify competitors are ranking higher as they are in search results, so you can easily make improvements to your shop and supersede them.

Using Ahrefs you can enter your competitors URL and identify:

  1. Which keywords they’re ranking higher?
  2. How many search engine results such keywords include?
  3. The ranking position of the particular keyword.
  4. How much traffic your competitors are making?
  5. Know about their PPC ad budget.

The key aspect to know all the information related to traffic, link building and more is exactly who is linking to your Shopify competitors. In this way, you can rseach out to them to build fruitful relationships and hopefully get them to link with you in its place.

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Notably, if your Shopify store heavily relies on Facebook traffic, you can sell anything using the Facebook Platform or if your competitors are often found advertising on Facebook, FadFeed is the tool that you should consider.

Because this a free tool to use Chrome extension it takes away all of your friends and families feed items on Facebook, leaving a bad impact that leads to various circumstances. Check out your competition’s ad strategies, take a look at their online shops to see what they’re doing there, and imitate what you feel are effective techniques.

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FadFeed is a great tool as you can get several ideas of advertisers that are targeting you. Also, you need to know the company that you want to keep an eye on their ads if you want to utilize information and ads on Facebook.

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