Beginners Guide: 6 Phases of Website Development Process?

With the essence of technological advancements in the global marketplace has led to the rise of tremendous innovations in various dimensions of web design and development. Seemingly, a well-structured and streamlined process plan is essential to remain feasible in any business segment.

Building a responsive website is one that precedes some of the other goals of the website. Along with that HTML, CSS, PHP and other tools are considered as an important aspect of the website development process. Seamless website designing technique is an integral part of the web development life cycle that you must focus on to streamline your development prospects.

Do you feel like you are in the repeated mode of completing the same tasks with slight modification? This approach saves time and proceeds forward ahead to formulate your regular website development process checklist?

As every activity is dissimilar, there is no particular website design and development process but these tips are considered as the backbone of web developers to ensure that the entire process is streamlined in the right track record. Hence, in this article, we’ve discussed the stages of the web development process to streamline your business to reach the next level.

Website Development Process Infographic

Devise an Effective Strategy

Before taking a step ahead in any website development process we need to clearly understand the preferences and essence of the project. Your web design and development team must be clear and consistent about their business goals and preferences of the project. Seemingly, a successful website is built with a solid strategy and mesmerizing design and development prospects.

Aims & Purpose:

The sole purpose of building a purpose-driven website must be clear, consistent with focused objectives.

Why are you developing a website? Or why do you need to redesign a website?

Are you looking to sell some products or services? Or do you need to provide certain information to the users?

Goals & Perspective:

Your website should meet the business goals. The purposeful meaning of business must be clear, concise and easily understandable by your team members.

Target Audience

Do you wish to target some particular groups of visitors that follow the specific terms and conditions of the overall website development process? You should understand the preferences of your target audiences, location guidelines and what languages they speak? Like men and women in Canada prefer to wear cotton outfits due to atmospheric and climate conditions. So if you are looking to sell your cotton outfits, your target audience will be Canada.

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Proper Planning

It’s obvious that proper planning well-defined information you have gathered to devise a strategic approach to streamline your website development process and classify your consequences. You must document all your information together and your site structure will be formulated in a well-defined form.

Create a sitemap consisting of the entire major issues as well as subtopics on the website. This is the clear and consistent phase where you conduct brainstorming sessions, start imagination and put hands-on practice.

The team of web designers and developers tend to follow the latest web design and development technologies that must be used throughout the website development process. You must always determine all the necessary tools & resources including software, web content, images and many more.

Well-Structured Aesthetics Design

This step focuses on the design perspective that turns imagination into reality aspects. If you have a documented site structure along with visual representation is delivered at this particular stage. Within a specific timeframe, your website development process must undertake certain characteristics and elements:

Wireframe and Elements Design:

The foremost essence of collecting information within the strategy-making process, you must design a wireframe. Seemingly, there are lots of free tools available online for making your website’s wireframe for the website development process. If you are not feeling comfortable with online wireframe designing tools you can use a pencil and paper to demonstrate your ideas.

Designing Mockups

Designing concise and well-structured mockups allows testing of a design which quickly establishes your modification. It will assist clients to imagine how the real website will appear in a structured manner within a website development process. Furthermore, you can implement these mockups in your portfolio instead of presenting flat JPG files.

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Respond to Reviews and Approvals

This phase highlights where you are sending designs to the client for a review. If they aren’t satisfied they won’t approve it, and if they are completely satisfied with your work then they will approve it. This is the final step of the entire website development process to make changes it will be difficult to make changes after performing the coding perspective.

Segment and validate XHTML/CSS

This is the final phase of designing part of the website development process. Initially, you need to code the finalized design. Make segments of the Final Photoshop mock-up, and build a front-end design using HTML and CSS.

Implementation of Web Development

This stage focuses on designing with end and complex coding parameters that will be programmed to build a functional website. You’ll be required to read the complete planning document repeat again to avoid any confusion focusing on the features of the website. There are many essential aspects of web development process to be taken into consideration:

Selecting a Platform

To complete your website development process, you must choose the latest platform with a well-defined framework including WordPress, Magento, and Xamarin, etc.

Web Programming

Seemingly, it’s not an easy task you must be careful and elegant to finalize web development framework and best practices to implement confidentiality and security concerns.

Database Integration

The database ensures that all your data is going to stay safe and secure. You have to develop a logical and strong database for the smooth and flexible performance of the website.

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Important Features

Seemingly, your website development process must be driven with all the latest features and functionalities to build your maintain consistency, durability, and reliance to the next level.

Placement of Website Content

Certainly, Content is King, your website is nothing without a purpose-driven content. You must always hire the right content writer to produce great content for your website.

Website Testing

Website Testing is an integral part of ensuring your site performance and metrics, whether the desired model is working properly in a classified way. You have to check for the security concerns and strongly influence whenever when you needed.

SEO Optimization

You must always implement SEO features and progressively work towards ranking your website well in search engines. SEO is an important stage of the website development process, so you have to choose an accurate SEO specialist for website optimization purposes.

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Launch & Deploy

After all the aforementioned phases are tested and verified, the developer has to launch it for the public to view. The developer is responsible is to deliver all the technical documentation to the prospective clients and ensures all the work is completed on your side.

If needed you can also look ahead for further improvements on the website, you can ensure the website on your local server and then transfer to live server. This multiple-check prevents any end-time issues and preferences to ensure a final check before launching whether it’s a spell check or server check, everything should be completed as per the conditions of the website development process before proceeding ahead.

Lastly, you should provide technical documentation, how-to guides to potential customers for their convenience and ease.

Maintenance & Technical Support

After the successful deployment of your website on the live service, the next phase is how to maintain your website demands your time and attention-seeking span at regular time intervals. If you don’t focus on the maintenance prospects, your money will seem to be a waste product.  You must always monitor your website, and consider upgrading to the latest technologies when needed to ensure performance metrics. Seemingly, website design and development process are time-consuming but if it is performed systematically, the outcomes are good and products.

What are your preferences for the best practices of the web development process? How to complete your website? Have a look at comments and suggestions on your blog post.

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