5 Must-Have E-Commerce Marketing Tools to Streamline Your Online Business

Nowadays, the advancement of the Internet can interconnect any business to its target audience, regardless of involving in any business around the globe. It is an evident fact that online retails is an ever-expanding industry featuring promising profits that enables you to streamline the flow of driving traffic and generating conversions.

Although, many E-commerce businesses face losses from low conversion rates that are a result of unsuccessful sales and digital marketing strategies. Sometimes, even the best marketing strategies can’t produce desired outcomes without the use of right tools for execution purposes. According to the recent estimates, 75% E-commerce tools & mobile apps are being developed by every E-commerce app development company in US, Canada & Middle East solely focused to promote your online business to the next level. Hence, in this article we have discussed about top 5 E-commerce marketing tools to streamline your online business.

  1. SerpStat

SerpStat is a Backlink and keyword research tool that helps you to evaluate SEO status of your website. The user can easily benefit from SerpStat’s data, you can easily make changes to your website and SEO based strategies to improve conversions and optimize website traffic.

Benefits of SerpStat:

SerpStat helps you to monitor the following resources for search engine optimization:

  • Improves Websites Rankings
  • Increases Keyword Rankings
  • Monitors Website Performance Metrics
  • Analyses Competitors Backlinks and Performance Metrics

SerpStat helps you to collect relevant data from these parameters and presents it to you, allowing you to make better decisions and to improve your search engine rankings. If you are working in an E-commerce app development company then your foremost concern will be to analyze the overall website analytics and digital marketing aspects. Hence, the enhanced SERPs result helps you to gain higher traffic and improves conversion rates.

  1. VWO

VWO is an end-to-end website optimization and ranking platform. It helps businesses to identify key factors on your E-commerce website and optimize them to enhance customer experience and user engagement tactics to improve conversion rates. For Instance, if you are looking to optimize your website then you’ll have to reach out at any top-rated E-commerce app development company to attain website optimization apps to experience improved usability and website performance.

Benefits of VWO

The key benefits of VWO are highlighted below:

  • Increases Conversion Rate
  • Measures Performance Metrics
  • Robust Data Analytics
  • APIs Accessibility
  • Mobile-based Website Testing

VWO is a popular QA and A/B testing tool which mainly focuses on website testing and has many internal features. Every E-commerce app development company is seamlessly working to facilitate target consumers by providing remarkable services at a planned pace. It is suitable for SME’s and Large Enterprises although it would be expensive for small-scaled businesses. If you are looking for a medium-large enterprises or business to conduct robust A/B testing platform then VWO will work for you. Apart from that you will have to search for various alternatives.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is an Email marketing tool that helps you to design, create and send influential emails to improve your online presence in the marketplace. Albeit, they offer you multiple pricing plans to choose, if you have recently started your E-commerce store then you can easily opt for the free-plan that provides all the essential features to build successful email marketing strategy for your online business.

Benefits of MailChimp

  • MailChimp allows users to send personalized emails recommending the right products and services to your target audiences.
  • Maintains an email lists to reach your target audience to attract new customers and to boost traffic using website pop-up forms.
  • MailChimp focuses on retargeting customers by sending follow-up emails of their favorite and best-selling products.

Seemingly, Every E-commerce app development company is striving to maintain consistency, reliability and efficiency to devise an utmost E-commerce marketing strategy of your online business is deficient without an inclusive email marketing plan that correspond the entire user journey. If you are executing an effective email marketing campaign in one of the personalized way to build relationship with better prospects, lead generation strategies and potential customers to drive their attention to your online store.

  1. DrumUp

DrumpUp is a social media marketing tool that helps users to maintain their social media content in advance and ensures that your content is promoted effectively within a limited timeframe. The DrumUp is an important social media channel for E-commerce businesses that allows them to get engage with their customers and provides excellent customer support.

Benefits of DrumUp:

Social media is also plays a vital role to drive traffic to your website. Hence, the DrumUp app provides you the following benefits:

  • Schedules your daily tasks.
  • Repeatedly schedules social media posts to maximize your website traffic.
  • Implements social media posts and promotional campaigns to your content libraries enabling you to search and re-promote them from certain time duration.

It’s evident that most of the businesses spends a lot of time to create compelling content that is shareable across social media platforms. In this regard, Every E-commerce App Development Company is enabling resource intensive services to promote brand awareness across the marketplace. These platforms enable business insights to maximize enormous amount of traffic to get engaged with users to get involved in branding campaigns.

  1. Canva

Digital Marketers prefer aesthetics & visual communication channels instead of textual communication channels. The reason is that it is more compelling and engaging to boost your online presence to the next level. In this case, Canva will definitely help you to create compelling visuals and aesthetics based content to your target audience.

Canva is a visual content making tool that assists you to create images without any previous knowledge and understanding of aesthetics & design. This tool encompasses pre-built templates that you can use to create quick and responsive images.

Benefits of Canva:

Today, most of the digital marketing channels are producing visually rich content for their target audience. You can use Canva to experiment with multiple categories of visual content to enhance traffic to improve conversion rate. Some of the benefits canva provides you are:

  • Infographics
  • Screenshots
  • Quotations
  • Covers Photos

The above mentioned visuals can be easily edited on Canva for branding purposes. Every E-commerce app development company is progressively working to improve business insights that boost overall efficiency and sustainability across the global market. Most of the online businesses prefer visuals to promote brand management and marketing campaigns. You can also save standard templates for every visual earlier and implement your content whilst creating them. As canvas has pre-defined canvas sizes for multiple usages, you can easily create visuals that are optimized and leave a positive impact to promote your brand.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, E-commerce is playing a vital role to boost your online presence to the next level. You must carefully plan and choose tools and platforms that can help you to maintain consistency to generate enormous amount of ROI. Every E-commerce app development company is building latest E-commerce tools and resources to promote brand awareness across multiple social media platforms.




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