SDLC Design Phase Is More Important Than You Think

Do you know that the design stage in SDLC plays a prime role in the mobile app development sector? As at the Design Phase in SDLC, efforts are done to satisfy the recognized requirements in the past phases. After that, they are shifted into a system design document that completely describes the system design and you can consider it as an input to the system development in the later phase.

Before diving into the deep discussion, we would define the design phase in SDLC:

What Is The Design Phase In SDLC?

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The design phase is a significant stage of the software development life cycle. The list of needs that you make in the stage of development is used to have different design choices. In the design phase, one or more designs are established to attain the project result. Based on the subject of the project, the design products include sketches, flow charts, dioramas, photo impressions, prototypes, sketches, site trees, and UML schemas.

These designs are used by project supervisors to select the definitive design that can be produced by you in the project. The development phase completely follows the developed design. Once the design is developed then it cannot be changed in the later phases.

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The Aims/Objectives Of The Design Phase In SDLC

There are different objectives of the Design Phase in SDLC, many of them are mentioned below:


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  • Perfectly accomplishment of the Design Phase in SDLC comprises:
  • Assessment and planning for security risks
  • Modernization of all the needs in the detailed specification that covers all the elements of the system
  • Authorization for moving ahead to Development Phase


Its key purpose is to design all the needs into the explained, complete system design specification. Once you are done with the approval of the design, the development team comes into a move to execute that design into development

Deliveries And Approval In Design Phase In SDLC

SDLC deliverables facilitate the state agencies to perfectly plan, implement and control IT projects by offering a structure to make sure all the project elements are continuously and adequately explained, planned, and communicated. The templates in the Design Phase in SDLC help to provide a clear structure for the needed content along with the boilerplate linguistic agencies. State agencies consider using these formats except the templates until the deliverables have all the important content.

The Distribution And Development Of SDLC Deliverables:

  • Make sure the widespread understanding between the development team members and stakeholders.
  • Offer the reminder of specific plans as the existing projects become more complicated
  • Offer insight into the ongoing risks and performance to the agency’s senior management and another state official
  • Make sure to encourage the implementation of continuous and repeatable processes
  • Help the execution of agency IT best project management and best practices in the Design Phase in SDLC
  • The outcome in the complementary record for project performance is beneficial for different purposes like staff knowledge transfer, assessment activities, staff knowledge transfer so on.
  • Establish an organized document repository for any sensitive project details, so the development team member can analyze, store and refer to project documents and other connected parties from the life cycle states.
  • Execute the periodic deliverables to check and correct errors, ambiguities, inaccuracy, and incompleteness.
  • Identify that the sample templates are there for deliverables. So the agencies can easily accept the deliverables in various formats as all the needed documents and information is here. Based on the size, complexity, and scope, the content of the deliverables may shrink or expand.
  • Reference or recycle information from the previous documents where it’s beneficial and possible.
  • All the deliverables other than the ones recognized as updates ought to be established in this place. They should be enhanced and revisited as agreed in this stage.
  • The deliverables formed during this Design Phase in SDLC should be reviewed in detail and follow the approval way as defined. A signature section or page needs to be accompanying each deliverable needing approval. Do not forget to periodically request copies of these documents being part of the oversight responsibilities/rules.


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The Approval/ sign-off is needed by the developer, customer, tester, and the business analyst (all the stakeholders). After the approval, the focus transfers to the next stage from the Design Phase in SDLC.

 Roles & Responsibilities For Design Phase In SDLC

The mentioned people contributed to the work activities of the Design Phase in SDLC. The roles are below:

Developer/ Construction Team

They facilitate the finalization of the data transformation strategy. Additionally, also review the software and architecture components.

Project Manager

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The project managers confirm the test strategy and the data alteration strategy; additionally, they reevaluate the artifacts and software design.

Technical-Architect, Tech-Designer, Design Team

They design the software components, system architecture with the design walk-through.


The customer supports the project financially and signs off the team effort. Additionally, it also revises the artifacts and the strategy.

Business Analyst

It facilitates the requirements of the design and checks the artifacts and the software design.

Testing Team/ Tester

They help with identifying and finalizing the difficult strategy. Additionally, evaluating the software components and architecture

Database Team

The database team facilitates architecture data conversion and design strategy. The technical architects are the ones who play the most important role and aim to explain the needed operations and functions like business rules, screen layout, system database layout in detail and offer the architectural plan down to the physical level. System architecture does not refer to the requirements of the product but an outcome of the organizational goals, technical environment, and architect experiences.

Tasks And Activities – Design Phase In SDLC

It is the job of the project manager to compare the actual project performance to the baseline and forecasted cost to identify and understand the variances in cost baseline at the time of phase end review. It also performs the comprehensive risk basement of the project to make changes in the risk register. The project manager modernizes the Maryland EA Repository with advanced and revised components before initiating the next stage which is the development.

The project manager is required to obtain deliverable approval signatures before starting the next phase which is development. Make changes to the project documentation repository after the closure of the phase activities.

Exit Criteria For Design Phase In SDLC

The following points are referred to as The Exit Criteria for the SDLC Design Phase:

Accomplishment and reviewable of all the specifications related to technical

Make sure to work on the documents like the training plan maintenance manual, training manual and the then user manual has started and is in progress.


The Design Phase in SDLC comes to end in one of the two important elements of the project: the design. Without a system and other detailed designs cannot be developed, provide training, and executed or operated. The decision that you create in this stage concerning technology, configuration, frameworks, and change management make certain a strong foundation for the project.

The uncertain needs are a great source of project failure and poor design after that. The Design Phase in SDLC deliverables approval, accomplishment of the design project status review, and going to the next state shows the end of the designing phase.

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