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A USA based third party construction equipment supplier requires a fully-operational website with convenient features and a smart user-interface. The client also want us to upload his sheet of products in real-time.

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Advance Solution With Smart User-Interface

ITSolution24x7 Developed a Brilliant Working WordPress Site for the Client to Sell Construction Safety Products For expert development services, our designers and developers created a highly-working website that caters to all the construction and material suppliers.

• Third-Party Supplier
• Showcase Construction Safety Products
• Convenient Payment Methods
• Mitigate Risk of Penalties

The Challenges


Building a high-end WordPress website for the client to sell construction safety products.


Easy navigation that enables look through an ample of construction safety products.


The client also asked to upload his product’s images in hefty quality from the source document.


Developing a reliable payment gateway software application to make online transactions.

The Implementation

Our qualified team of designers and developers at ITSolution24x7 decided to begin by taking a look at our client’s previous website on Wix. Due the reason that Aimpoint was initially a Wix based site, it was not getting that much attention over the major search engine. That’s why our developers build our client’s site on WordPress to make it super functional. Once getting done with that here are some features that we added to lift up the character of Aimpoint’s website:

A Fully-Operational WordPress Website

Our client’s previous website was a little outdated so we made some improvements to enhance the performance of the website. Along with that, we knew that the business was about selling Construction Safety Products so we kept the essence authentic by making it look like a third-part supplier.

Easy Navigation

To let the visitors view all the pages and look through the products or offering, we organized the web pages for the customers to view things accordingly. And with all of that, we used the right theme and color combination to make the site look more like a web store for construction safety products.

Uploading Images

Aimpoint’s previous image uploading practice was pretty time consuming and requires more effort. So, to ease up their stress, we uploaded the product images and descriptions accordingly to make sure they get a peace of mind

Integrate App

For convenient payment method, we created an integrated payment gateway software application to make sure the customers can transfer money without any hassle.


Sometimes we use our Production Server or use one on the cloud to successfully run the software. Even after the deployment of software, we provided post-maintenance to ensure everything is seamless. Fixing all the bugs and ensuring the system is up to the mark. Satisfying the unique needs of our clients is one of our top priorities.


It is an ongoing project but the development phase was finished within 3 months

A Glimpse at Our Client’s Review:

“A big thanks to ITSolution24x7 as the website works absolutely great and we are experiencing growth in the conversion rate. Also, the easy navigation and convenient tools are making it function smoothly.”

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