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With an expert team of professionally-trained developers, we have previously created many CRM solutions helping companies handle enormous data and enhance customer interactions. Looking for a vertical-leading technology partner? Get in touch with ITSolution24x7 today. The CRM software has powerful instruments to develop reports, import/export contacts, handle analysis, and to perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as required. Incoming contacts or leads can be polarized among sales managers, marketing campaigns can be analyzed, and access permission to any deal or lead can be varied depending on its status or other parameters.

The user interface in the CRM software is very convenient and intuitive, and it includes a CRM-only activity stream. This stream is a universal interface that enables actions such as notes, emails, tasks, meetings, and phone calls to be initiated on any object or objects in the CRM from a singular point. But the best part is, ITSolution24x7 lets you decide whether to store data in the cloud or on your server. When it comes to managing CRM solutions, a quick look at the sales funnel gives an immediate account of transactions in progress and their respective stages. The stages can be added easily and each one appears in a separate line and different color. The length of the line corresponds to the total sum of the deals at that stage, and a table with the numeric values is displayed below the funnel.

Most importantly, ITSolution24x7 lets you have unlimited sales pipelines and build multiple sales funnels if you have various product lines or profit centers. The dashboards in CRM software are instant snapshots of the most important sales activities. Every agent can see how many deals they’ve won, how many clients haven’t been invoiced yet, or the agent’s rating in comparison with other sales team members. Dashboards are currently available for deals, leads & invoices and are in the process of being added to all other CRM solutions and entities.

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