Brainwash (Free iOS Based Application)

A USA based client want our developers to create a smart and responsive application for iOS. With this application, the client wanted to help students who live in a dorm or share apartments. Wonder how? Well, Brainwash holds an idea of facilitating people by allowing them to experience laundry in a unique way. In this way both washer and customer can get benefits.

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Advanced Laundry App Solution

ITSolution24x7 Created an Advanced Laundry App Solution Specifically For Students Who Study Abroad The client wanted to facilitate the students by creating a smart laundry app solution that comes with advanced delivery options and integrated payment software application.

Easy Washing - Laundry Tracking - Accessible - Payment Gateway Software Application

The Challenges


Developing a highly-operational website that can help both washer and the customer.


Creating a site with unparalleled laundry experience and easy-to-use features.


Offering utmost flexibility with Quick pick-up and hassle free deliveries.


Creating an integrated application to let the customers make payments via PayPal.

The Implementation

Our team of skilled professionals at ITSolution24x7 unified to innovate a smart laundry solution for students who study abroad. We begin by developing a high-end application that holds a smart user-interface. Our innovative approach to channelize and execute the accessible features made the routine laundry easier for students. Have a look at the features:

Advanced and User-Friendly Application

Our expert developers created a functional application that comes with convenient features. And for the optimum results, we designed the app exactly the way a laundry app should look like. In a single tap you can find the nearest laundry and dry-clean shop near you.

Accessible to Reach

With our smart user-interface and convenient features, we made Brainwash super easy to access. In this way both washer and the customer can communicate. We also made it super simple with advanced upgrade options.

Pick-up and Hassle-free Deliveries

With easy pick-up and delivery, the washer can pick-up clothes from the customer’s place and launder them. Meanwhile, the customer can track his laundry with the code assigned. Once launder properly, the washer will deliver the fresh and ironed clothes at the customer’s doorstep.

Efficient Payment Gateway Software Application

The client required a convenient method to accept payments that is why we created an integrated solution for Brainwash. Wonder how we did that? We allowed the customers to make payments via PayPal which turned out great/.


Sometimes we use our Production Server or use one on the cloud to successfully run the software. Even after the deployment of software, we provided post-maintenance to ensure everything is seamless. Fixing all the bugs and ensuring the system is up to the mark. Satisfying the unique needs of our clients is one of our top priorities.


It is an ongoing project but the development phase was finished within 3 months

Here Is What Our Client Has To Say:

“Brainwash is offering extra convenience with smart laundry solution to students who study abroad. They can simply count on Brainwash for a clean laundry anytime, anywhere!”

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