How ITSolution24x7 Revolutionize Payment Gateway in Columbia

Creating plans to quickly move from an app idea to launch is one of our expertise. We completely focused on building a safe, highly-scalable, and flexible banking application. One team started designing the workflows while the other understands the real needs of the clients to create a user-friendly app. With prior experience in creating integrated mobile apps, ITSolution24x7 build software and valiantly resolve all the complex module-related issues.


Strategy and Execution

As one of the toughest projects, ITSolution24x7 managed it professionally and begin scrum development on sprint. Working on sprint enhances the work flow because the start and end dates were mentioned. The team split the tasks and handles the development phase accordingly. The team wanted to deploy two different types of users on the banking application, customers and merchants.

Components of Dale

  • Pay to Family/friends: Using the dale app, Columbian citizen can pay anyone regardless of the city they are living in and the banking services they use. Transferring money has become simpler with the dale app.

  • Pay to Merchant: Vendors and customers can create an account on Dale for easy transaction. The customers have to log in, buy anything, and pay the vendors using dale app.

  • We also install API and a Dale button to different E-commerce stores so consumers can easily pay and buy from an online store. Any E-commerce store with a Dale button can help Colombian citizens purchase products.

  • Collaboration with PayPal: PayPal shared API's with Dale on many leading E-commerce platforms


Although, it is an ongoing project the production phase for the customers and merchants been completed

Customer Quote

“With the help of ITSolution24x7, we were able to create a secure banking application for our customers in Colombia. The team has earned our trust for a long-term relationship. The team performs at the optimum level and is exceedingly hard-working.”

Customer Reviews