Creating design mockups & installing Add to Cart options

Securing the mobile app & integrating payment methods


Developing a comprehensive UX Designing strategy & sketching workflows and developing wireframes

Transforming design into a fully-functional mobile app & ensuring faster loading time

The Solution

Our core mission was to create an E-commerce store specifically for mobile users. The development team carefully studied and researched other mobile-based E-commerce apps. By determining and analyzing their major features, we were able to enter the first step of the development cycle. We cherry-pick interesting features from other leading stores that are appealing for the customers. The battle-tested development team started creating wireframes that highlight the major features.

Agile Process

Drafting and working on an effective strategy can be challenging. Building an E-commerce store requires a fine-tuned and tailored approach that disrupts the whole strategy from time to time. If you enforce several safe bets, then the growing customers can get bored out of their skill. Or, if you serve up to countless new options, then they might feel discontented. The reason our vertical-leading team experiments a lot and is not afraid of changing the strategy between the project development cycles if something is not working. The effective algorithms are not achieved from continuously trying out a range of things and preventing errors. Our team has a unique ability to turn things around while ensuring we are fully aligned with our strategy. Creating an E-commerce app means inviting thousands of new customers every single day, the reason we didn't drop experimentation. For instance, redirecting the customers to a completely new product or category can help us understand what they find appealing.

High-Risk Factors

Growing reports of frauds related to E-commerce stores are common. It has a significantly low number, but it is something we could not ignore. To combat this huge problem with Eayuni, we created rock-solid Trust and Safety programs for the customers to use especially those who are prone to online frauds. When it comes to fraud prevention, the fees model for Eayuni is well-structured and risk-free. To keep up with the latest trends, our team focuses on making many changes to enhance buyer and seller experience. The online fee models our development team used on Eayuni is sometimes changed. The biggest challenge for us is to use PayPal as the main payment gateway and transforming online payments to mobile payments. There are other risk factors as well such as enticing new users to register, retain all the previous customers, and pushing the customers to add items to their cart.


This React Native mobile app was developed in less than 45 days

Customer Quote

“Online shopping has been engineered into our life for the past few years now. But Eayuni has allowed us to shop online without any hassle.”

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