Using a comprehensive ERP system to help the clients manage regular inventory and track the buyer's list

Connecting a seamlessly functional desktop app to the weighing machine


Incorporating sales inventory and buyer's list comprehensively on a Web application

Kickstarting an obsolete system to handle major sales inventory and using large data for predictive analysis

Seamless Solution

IT Solution24x7 quickly automated the comprehensive day-to-day operation of a colossal cotton mill industry. Detailed data related to the weight of inventory can be captured and displayed on the weighing calculator. We build an all-in-one solution to reduce tedious procedures and the requirement of manually adding information to enhance employee productivity and prevent costly miscalculations. The execution of an ERP system can enhance regular business activities to allow cotton-producing companies to streamline data related to inventory management.

Leading Technologies Used in an ERP System

ERP system is based on automation and time-saving tools which help the employees to focus on other strategic tasks. It empowers large industries to view and access a huge amount of data to keep track of the overall weight of the cotton seeds and trucks. Many native mobile applications are used to easily access regular business procedures and ERP data. A server/client ERP system works efficiently with a group of computers connected locally or with cloud servers.


Although it is an on-going project, we created a comprehensive and reliable ERP system for the clients in 6 months.

Customer Quote

“I was sold when the team first described how they can help me streamline inventory management which can save my time and cost. Having a weight-centric ERP system has helped us to enhance our processes and prevent losing accurate data.”

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