Creating components on the React JS framework & code refactoring

Building components using previous obsolete libraries & finishing the front-end development


Building new components on the latest React JS framework & providing faster solutions

Adding new functionality as per the client’s unique needs & restructuring the written codes

Key Steps of App Development


Using the best methodologies and the latest technology stack, we dive headfirst into creating an effective strategy. Designing mockups and sketching workflows is not ignored at any vertical-leading company. We consider every project like it's our first one regardless of the industry we are working with. This allows us to deliver tailor-made results just like the clients are expecting us to produce. To evolve any unrealistic or raw idea into a reality, we go way beyond the conventional steps in starting and concluding a complex project.


The project development cycle is the most crucial and time-consuming process. Because we take time to understand and deliver high-end mobile apps. When creating an enterprise-grade mobile app, there are various types of user bases so it is important to create reliable information architecture. Then we create wireframe which are just like digital sketches. Making wireframes is crucial because it helps our seasoned developers to give a visual to the functional requirements of the app. To step into the final phases of the project development, we design mockups as the mobile app reaches closer to completion. It gives us a clearer picture of how the app would look like. Designing mockups leads to developing prototypes which are necessary for boosting the user experience. Building prototypes can be challenging but it is worthwhile because it offers us to test the overall functionality and design of the mobile app.


Launching an app requires many obstacles to overcome which includes user testing or submitting the mobile app on both the leading app stores, iOS and Android. Even after launching the mobile application, we regularly check the user's reports and measure the KPI's.

Strategy and Execution

The core strategy was to understand the complexities of the “MySail “project and start code refactoring. The development team was aggressively engaged in restructuring the existing code which was built on obsolete libraries. Then they added new functionalities and created components using the React JS framework. Without making any major changes in the module, the team worked extra hard to foster the client’s needs.


The “My Sail” project was successfully accomplished three weeks before the deadline.

Customer Quote

“Getting assistance from the team at ITSolution24x7 opens several opportunities for us. We were able to execute our core vision successfully. ”

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