Creating user-friendly mockups & securing the React Native app using malware removal tools

Installing direct messaging functionality & designing app sketches and workflows


Wireframing a smooth design & building a rock-solid functionality for push notifications

Creating prototypes & application deployment

The Solution

By using malware tools to stop any type of threats, we became successful in segmenting every file uploaded on the mobile app. This prevents any type of threats that may appear during file sharing. Emphasizing on extra security was one of our major steps in the project development cycle. All the files uploaded were harmless because of the software we use.

Agile Process

The first crucial step of any project is started long before our passionate team writes a single code. When it comes to coding, it entirely focuses on the programming languages and technologies. However, creating and finishing a software project takes many days, and sometimes weeks, because it means determining the end objectives, measuring ROI, and de-risking every potential threat. But how does our team accomplish it? By discussing all the effective steps with our graphic and development team, working on prospective solutions, and designing better workflows, we conclude projects without any success blockers. According to recent statistics, over 72% of projects fail. But we drive faster than our competitors. Designing and Planning are two major factors which make us better and efficient than other software development companies. We have a strict strategy to gain success. Before writing a single line of code, we discuss everything with our ninja development team about the user interface, design a business strategy, write the entire requirements, and develop a project plan. After understanding and agreeing on the perfect solution, our high-quality team determines the features that back the core functionality.

Creating a React Native App

We design and develop React Native apps using the battle-tested methodologies to produce high-quality results. Starting a project using the basic features allows us to provide value at the first few steps of the project development cycle. Our team has experience in various projects because we have previously design projects of different sizes. As a purpose-driven team, we can develop projects with extra vigilance and from scratch. ITSolution24x7 believe in custom-made software and mobile apps which are best suited for leading companies in the industry. We focus on creating only what is needed the reason we can deliver better and targeted results. This mobile app helps several companies, startups, and SME's hire freelancers to build customized software, high-end mobile apps, or develop company software.


The biggest challenge arises in the development process especially when it is tailored to the customer's needs. We only choose the best licensing and hosting mechanism when creating a mobile app. To become leaders in the tech industry, we focus on using the best tools and methodologies to build a React Native app.


Our always learning development team builds this React Native app in a month preventing cost overrun and other risks.

Customer Quote

“Request Wizard has offered a safe environment for a community of thousands of online users, who can instantly hire freelancers and share multiple files. They are committed to ensuring extra security and provide adequate protection for the online environment.”

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