Understanding the customer's real needs and the buyer's persona

Designing end-to-end wireframes and developing bug-free modules


Developing a complex website using mapping, sorting, and payment gateways

Offering an online booking system for different types of users with better navigation

Strategy and Execution

When our team at IT Solution24x7 collaborated with the clients we know we have to create more than a merchant-customer communication channel. The website behaves as a fresh ecosystem for millions of sellers to connect with the buyers, streamline sales, and sell tickets of every type. The underlying aim of Secure Tickets was to connect sellers, buyers, and consumers to bring together on a single platform. IT Solution24x7 believed that a seamless communication channel was required that keep the buyers encouraged to purchase online tickets and sellers to share ticket listings anytime.

Better Connections with Customers on an Online Marketplace

With prior experience in building an online marketplace and marketing it aggressively in the targeted regions. The reason we started a collaborative and different approach to creating a compelling marketplace for buyers to access and purchase tickets. After deeply understanding the goals of our clients, we began creating wireframes and black and white mockups. The team had to target over 25 cities and provide comprehensive development services. From the initial consultation to creating wireframes and developing an online marketplace, IT Solution24x7 worked comprehensively on the project.

Remarkable Layout

When it comes to building a remarkable layout, the target audience, types of tickets, and the seller's matters. The team worked hard on keeping the layout as simple as possible. Secure Tickets has a simple and easy-to-use layout because it has a huge impact on the sellers and buyers. Easy navigation and better layout was our go-to option. The website design layout is crucial as you are giving users what they are searching for by providing valuable service.


The team finished the wireframe design and development in 7 months.

Customer Quote

"IT Solution24x7 had a qualified team who took time to really understand what we wish to develop. We created a comprehensive listing website for our amazing buyers to become a popular online marketplace in the region."

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