Managing the target audience and building a user-friendly interface.

Streamlining the discounted packages and developing a high-performance mobile app for vendors


Developing a safe mobile app without any glitches and seamless user experience

Using elegant mobile templates and easy log-in features to access different stores

Strategy and Execution

Developing Smartly Biz requires focus and agile methodology techniques to ensure we create a compelling mobile app for both vendors and customers. The team at IT Solution24x7 started working on weekly sprints and collaborated with the design team to build a compelling and seamlessly functional mobile app which serves as a merchant-customer communication channel. IT Solution24x7 developed two identical apps, one for the vendors and the second ones for the customers.

Top-Tier Features

  • Faster Performance

  • The team at IT Solution24x7 fixed all the bugs and made the mobile app faster for better user experience. By using a single click of a button, vendors can upload a product with high-end images and descriptions for their customers.

  • Malware Prevention

  • Smartly Biz is a reliable mobile app free of any type of errors or glitches, allowing users to have an amazing experience. It is a safe and secure mobile app for vendors who can share a wide array of deals regardless of the products you sell.

  • User-Friendly Experience

  • As a merchant-customer communication channel, Smartly Biz offers a user-friendly experience to first-time users. Any user can access the mobile app with a single tap-in feature and reliable functionality.

  • Access Discounted Deals

  • Customers can find it much easier to learn about the best-discounted deals of nearby stores. Purchase products and great packages by using an all-in-one store.


The team finished the project in less than six weeks while fixing all the bugs and streamlining the user interface.

Customer Quote

“IT Solution24x7 is full of industry experts who know how to start and finish a complex project. Their team understands the unique goals and helps us build a remarkable online store.”

Customer Reviews