Building a Time Tracking software & tracking the total number of logged hours of every employee

Creating screenshots regularly with consistent time intervals & sending data to the Time Logger software portal from the app


Keeping track of the daily attendance of the users & saving data and building a reporting sheet

Building a reliable desktop app & developing a desktop app

Strategy and Execution

The team at ITSolution24x7 decided to create projects and compile time against it. Then associate specific projects and evaluate them completely to track logged hours of each employee. The development team built effective software to check the login hours of all the employees and capture the weekly/monthly hours. The admin/organization can check the number of daily login hours of the employees.


  • Automated Reports & Insights
  • Using the collected data, Timelogger creates and send employees reports or deep insights to the Client on what the team is working on. This can help the employees work smarter and keep a pulse on the project at all times.

  • Keeping Employees on Track
  • Timelogger ensures everyone feeds the data while it's still fresh, so they don't have to guess or enter time manually. The employees will love how simple it is to add time logs manually or start/stop the timer.

  • Time Tracking Software
  • Timelogger asks the employees what they are working on and ensure every employee shares the latest data. An easy-to-use monitoring app all the employees can choose the task and start the clock-in time to begin working.

  • Boost Efficiency & Accounting
  • Timelogger creates precise data for the Client to take exceptional decisions and ensure better planning and Client's billing. Only the manager can approve timesheets, handle time off, and allow all the employees to enter manual time.

  • High-End Web & Desktop App
  • Timelogger track all the working hours of all remotely working employees. It tracks time whenever and wherever your team works with a lightweight Timelogger desktop and mobile app.

  • Send Regular Screenshots
  • Timelogger's reports can improve daily reporting and communication. The project managers can check the work in progress of their team. The random screen capture is set after every 10 minutes, so you don't have to interrupt the team and ask for the project status.


The project was concluded within 2 months

Customer Quote

“Time Logger made it extra simple for us to keep track of our employee’s progress over time as well as check the screenshots or projects they have previously worked on. Then when the month is over, using Time Logger offered us a chance to evaluate the monthly report.”

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