Providing a seamless way for customers to buy airline tickets despite realizing they are already searching fare rates and booking airline tickets on various platforms.

Using the latest social channels to spread brand awareness and attracting a wide range of audiences.


Leveraging a minimal design and creating tailored content to help frequent travelers and families plan their next dream vacation using the website.

Serve customers worldwide using their geographical location, browser history, and time.

Strategy and Execution

Instead of using a cookie-cutter template, IT Solution24x7 worked tirelessly hard to bring Tripongo to life and created a fast-growing travel website. We use the "millennial strategy" and contemporary approach to build a compelling communication channel for frequent and first-time travelers. The website includes search options for users to check the fare rates and book a flight or itinerary anytime they want.

Creative Features

Our compelling team wanted to create an incredible experience rather than just a template-based website for customers. Every person worked on exposing the users to new spots to explore by using stunning images, videos, and content. The team connected customers to different parts of the world allowing them to see the beautiful places while sitting at home. The best part about Tripongo was that we worked tirelessly to align the customer history and geographical location to enhance customer engagement.

Stunning Design

The team dives headfirst into creating a high-end UI design by adding quality images, bold fonts, and vibrant colors. After spending several hours collaborating with the various teams, we came up with a spectacular design and used high-quality images to attract the right target audience. From creating high-end prototypes and wireframe design, our team worked comprehensively on creating an amazing website design. By connecting compelling design and top-rated images, our team has created a brilliant communication channel for frequent travelers.


In less than 5 weeks the team built a compelling communication channel and website for the clients.

Customer Quote

“IT Solution24x7 went out of their way to create a staggering communication channel for our customers. Not only they created a compelling travel website, but learn our unique goals and requirements. We were delighted to collaborate with them.”

Customer Reviews