Creating mockups on React Native and designing an enticing User Interface (UI) for the website

Turning unstructured and complex data into perfect order and implementing Artificial Intelligence in React Native framework


Displaying Pixel to Pixel labels and fonts & providing round-the-clock services

Developing an interactive Augmented Reality experience for mobile users

Strategy and Execution

The React Native developers worked tirelessly hard to deliver better results within the first few hours. The team at IT Solutions 24x7 found a solution to use Artificial Intelligence on React Native framework. We were able to meet the client’s requirements by creating different types of mockups. The designed mockups were then integrated to the API’s.


Embracing Seamless Augmented Reality Experience

We take time to understand the project and had a clear insight and vision to develop something phenomenal. Our only goal was to develop and deliver better user experiences for the users so we choose the best framework, React Native. This helped us in covering both ways when the user is moving or in a static position.

How does it work ?

A reliable and enterprise-grade mobile application with a wide array of functionality.

Here are four categories to choose which includes a calendar, random posts, calculator, and a list of videos.

This is a fully-functional calendar where you can highlight the important days.

Pin all the favorite posts you are searching.

Using Augmented Reality in mobile apps where it completely guides the users about the objects.

A complete list of YouTube videos which is adding from the Firewall database.

Customer Reviews